Consistantly poor score with Javascript and CSS on GTmetrix




I’m using the minify tools from our Cloudflare account, but we consistently score zero on YSlow for ‘Minify Javascript and CSS’ on GTmetrix and I can’t figure out why:

Can anyone help me either understand this? Or help me improve our performance?




Hi @oliviandan84 , the link you shared is protected. I ran the tests and the only thing odd was on redirects. Will try again as that was on mobile and my view may be limited.


The report refers to inline CSS/JS. As per the docs:

We will not minify inline js/css inside your html


Thanks @michael and @cloonan for your replies. I’ve since added page rules to handle the redirects, thanks for highlighting.

In terms of the inline js/css inside our html, is there anyway of improving this? I’m not a developer and don’t feel confident changing code. Would you say this is important to improve?

Thanks again,