Considering using Argo with AWS

Hi, newbie here.

We want to improve our website’s performance.

In particular we want to improve the load time of images and also improve our cumulative layout shift (CLS).

We currently host on AWS, and use AWS CloudFront as the CDN. We put our site images on S3, and from there push them to CloudFront. We use CloudFront for the image data only. The text content of the site resides in a CMS on the EC2 server hosting the site.

If we were to switch from CloudFront to Cloudflare Argo, what are all the changes needed?

  1. Can we just use Argo for the images? As I mentioned above we are not using a CDN for text content.
  2. Do we need to register our site domain in Cloudflare? We prefer to keep it in Amazon Route 53 (because we manage many domains there) however we don’t mind changing the image path domains to something different.
  3. I understand that Argo is a paid add-on. What basic Cloudflare service we have to subscribe to, that Argo is an add-on to? Advisors have been recommending we use Argo but they haven’t talked much about Cloudflare in general.
  4. We want to use WebP for images to improve performance. However a subset of mobile and desktop browsers don’t support displaying WebP images. So for those we’d like to serve JPG. Argo will automatically take care of this? I assume we’ll need to push the WebP and JPG version of each image to Argo?


I guess I found the answer to my question number 2.

It seems we wouldn’t have to change our registrar.

See document in Cloudflare FAQs: Cloudflare DNS docs
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Hi @Arka thanks for your questions!

Argo Smart Routing can only apply to a whole zone, usually a domain (e.g. and all subdomains. However it only applies to Cloudflare proxied traffic on that domain, so it is possible to not proxy the other traffic if that is suitable.

You won’t need to change the registrar.

You can either change the nameservers on a Free or Pro plan: Full setup · Cloudflare DNS docs
or pay for a Business plan to use only a CNAME and keep existing nameservers: Partial (CNAME) setup · Cloudflare DNS docs

Argo Smart Routing is included as an add-on on all Cloudflare plans: Get started · Cloudflare Argo Smart Routing docs
You can setup a Cloudflare Free, Pro or Business plan and then use it. You will need to onboard the domain to Cloudflare’s CDN first in order to make use of it. However you can selectively unproxy specific records if needed.

Argo does not include any features to improve performance or file type for images beyond Argo Smart Routing.
However, if you use a Pro or Business Cloudflare plan, you can activate Polish at no extra cost which can achieve this for you with automatic transparent conversion and compression: Cloudflare Polish · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

Thanks for the answers @erisa-cf .
I’ll run this by my team.

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