"Consider using Cloudflare Pages instead of Workers Sites". Why?

The docs for Wrangler say:

Consider using Cloudflare Pages for hosting static applications instead of Workers Sites.

There’s however no rationale, motivation, or link for more information given. So I wonder: why?

(Background: I have a couple Workers Sites but no Cloudflare Pages sites.)

Cloudflare Pages is actively maintained and getting new features, it has a built in CI/CD Build Environment, preview builds, rollbacks, built in support for netlify like redirects and header changes, Git integration, etc. One of the biggest things might be the fact that it still uses KV under the hood like Worker Sites does, but you do not get billed for static asset requests. You only pay for Pages Functions requests, Functions are workers with a bit of extra stuff on top like file based routing, middleware, and more to allow you dynamic functionality, which is also versioned with the rest of your assets in each deployment.

If you’re looking to migrate:


Thanks for your reply with helpful information as well as the link for migrating. :slightly_smiling_face:

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