Consider adding a test button on the health checks

The health checks on the dashboard are great, however, I feel like it’s missing a “test” button to see if we are getting the response we expect while building it.
I just noticed that earlier today I built a health check that has been giving errors because of a miss-conception that I had on the page, it is now fixed but, the issue wouldn’t have been a problem if we had that test button.

It is not a priority feature or anything but I think that it’s a nice feature that would make this feature much better.

Going to tag @jpl and @bbatraski on this, as I believe this is/was part of their area.


Hi Folks,

I’m very glad to say that we have a preview endpoint that does just this for our Health Checks product:




I was kind of expecting to have it on the dashboard but hey, this works as well :smiley:

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