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Hi. I have enabled Zaraz Consent however I noticed that my statistic are widely different even when excluding for bots between GA4 Search Console and Cloudflare’s statistics.

So I took a look at my website this morning on my phone and noticed that the Accept button is on the left while the Reject (or Decline button) is on the right. Usually, the accept button is on the right.

So is there a way to get these buttons to swap locations? Is it done through CSS and if so, what’s the css for these buttons?

Here’s my site: Hello Charlie Coloring Books

Hi @charles.leo, I am seeing the Accept button on the right:


iPhone 15 Pro Max:

Is it only on your phone? Or are users rejecting the consent itself?

Please test further.
Thank you.

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Thank you. I should’ve followed up as it’s presenting “correctly” now. Yesterday someone on the Discord CF Zaraz section was kind enough to help me with the code. I would have never figured this one out on my own so perhaps it can at least be of assistance to someone else:

/* reverse button positions */
.cf_consent-buttons {
flex-flow: row-reverse;
justify-content: flex-start;

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