Consecutive Node-fetch pings caused by 'Edgy'


Yesterday I’ve installed the ‘Edgy’ app, and I didn’t get satisfied with it because it had caused a lot of rate limiting errors so everybody who opened one of my pages which require a lot of requests, e.g. there are lots of images have to be retrieved, got banned for 5-10 mins. If my server went off, it correctly showed the mainteance page, though, so that was working perfectly, but I had to remove the app, because the causeless rate limit bans… I still don’t understand why was it occured at all.

So, I removed this app. My problem is, that I’ve looked up my server log and suprisingly saw, that there are tons of requests with ‘node-fetch (…)’ User agent and with ‘EdgyForceBypass=1’ URLQuery
The IP was (if it matters somehow).

I’ve created a firewall rule therefore block all requests coming from this IP to spare my server from unneccessary trafic, and it is catching thousands of them since then.

So, my question is that, if I’ve removed the ‘Edgy’ app, why is my server still getting tons of these requests?? I think it’s causing bad performance of my server. And why can’t I remove the account registered with my e-mail and connected with my domain from Edgy completely? Or will it be removed after the 14-day trial period?

Thank you in advance if you can only help me with any bit of information.

I presume you are talking about Cloudflare Apps

These requests will likely come straight from them and you’ll need to clarify this with them. Maybe you need to take some additional steps to de-register. Again, only they can clarify that. Either use the email address or their live chat at

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