Connectwise/ScreenConnect Server with Origin CA / Full SSL

Hello everyone. We are trying to setup our Connectwise Control / ScreenConnect server with CloudFlare Full SSL. We currently have it setup using the origin CA and with the domain set to full connection.

From initial inspection everything looks to be working okay however we are having an issue when clients download the application for a support session. We are getting a hash manifest error that they are not matching. I worked with ScreenConnect support for several hours and it does look to be limited to SSL certificate setup with CloudFlare or SelfSigned.

Is there any settings I can disable in the CloudFlare proxy that may be stripping away the necessary hash match?

The way it works for Screenconnect is it checks a manifest file on the server (publicly available and we are able to reach it) and then checks it verse the downloaded file.

Does anyone have experience with this setup?

Self-resolved! Looks like it was Minify causing the issue. Disabling it fixed the error. Hopefully this will help someone in the future.

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