Connector fails to pick two closest data centers?

My server is located in mainland China. ‘Cloudflared’ correctly detects my external/Origin IP. Most geoIP look up of this IP address points to China, Asia. cdn-cgi/trace correctly chooses the closest colo=HKG/loc=HK. However, even after repeated fresh install/setups, the connector’s data centre has chosen SJC and LAX by default, which is nowhere even near Asia, This has been the case with two different separate tunnels. I’ve even tried editing my payment region, as well as language selection to no avail.

According to this,

…you connect to our anycast network which will pick the 2 closest locations to you based on the network state.
However, this has so far not been the case for my current situation, does anyone have any suggestions or insights?

Please read.

My own client as well as ssh -D of cdn-cgi/trace correctly chooses the closest data centre (colo=HKG/loc=HK, Hong Kong, China).

However, the connector is defaulting to the SJC and LAX data centres which are in California, North America, literally the opposite side of the northern hemisphere, not even Asia.

This is definitely NOT an ISP peering issue.

Is it possible that you have chosen the US region in the Tunnel config file or with command line options?

Yes, it might be an ISP peering issue. cloudflared connects to a specific set of IP addresses which are separate from those used by websites on Cloudflare. These IP addresses could be routed differently and/or not be announced from all colos.