Connectivity issues in Asia/Pacific (RESOLVED)


TL;DR – Our Cloudflare sites are having page load issues outside of the USA and Europe.

Full story:

We have 3 sites that use Cloudflare:

They are all having the following issues that randomly change:

  1. 522 error – stating that CF is up but the host is down
  2. On-page images we host not loading (3rd party image ads do load however).
  3. The sites load very slowly.

The above are most common and, of course, we want to resolve ASAP. The below are less common:

  1. The menu not loading properly so the site looks terrible
  2. The Wordpress login page will not load meaning we can’t get into the sites.
  3. I tested with 2 different laptops using 3 different browsers using the same wifi network and an Android phone using a separate 4G network. They ALL had issues

We initially raised a ticket with our hosting provider. They didn’t see any issues and all testing from their side showed that all 3 sites were up and loading fully and fast.

I was still having the issues, even after clearing my cache on devices and using Incognito/Private mode.

Note that I am based in Australia.

However, with much troubleshooting, I was able to determine:

  1. That the issues we are having are geographically dependent.
    a. Using a VPN, if I VPN into USA (multiple locations), UK, Germany etc, I DO NOT HAVE PROBLEMS – the sites run perfectly fine.
    b. If I switch the VPN to Asia or Australia, I DO HAVE ISSUES. I tried to VPN to the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore and Melbourne, Australia and all had issues. Then, if I switch to USA or UK/Germany, the sites were fine again (I kept using the same browser tab and hitting refresh each time to test).

  2. Of course, when I disable the VPN and it defaults back to my home network/ISP in Australia, the issues return.

  3. All tests carried out with Incognito/Private mode

Hopefully we can resolve this issue ASAP as it’s causing our sites to lose visitors.

Thanks in advance

Hi @whitworldwide

Issues 2 - 5 in your list are likely related to the same underlying issue in point 1.

It’s not common Cloudflare would have connections issues with your origin server, but can happen. I’ve had to deal with this on a few occasions before.

Would you mind sharing your domain name so I can try reproduce, and also share what hosting provider your using & what region the server is located in? For example you might say ‘GoDaddy’ and ‘Asia’ datacenter region.

It’s all up and running again now. Seemed to fix itself.

I posted here originally, but perhaps being my first post, it was taken down for verification by the CF mods. By the time it was approved, the issue had resolved.

I’ll add a note in the subject that it’s been resolved.