Connections to site failing

Starting over the last few days we started experiencing an issue where random requests to pages on our site were being sent by the browser to our server (we could see them arriving at the server). They would then be successfully completed by the server but never sent back to the client, we could see the response leaving the server via nginx. During this time the client browser would stall on “Initial connection”, it would then proceed no further never timing out and never receiving a response.

This issue was experienced by many of our users and was seen in Chrome, Opera and Edge browsers but strangely never in FireFox.

We did a whole day of debugging on our servers, the issue however disappeared as soon as we turned off CloudFlare for the domain. The issue reappears as soon as we enable CloudFlare again on the domain.

Does anyone have any insight as to why CloudFlare is not returning responses to the client and causing this issue on our site.

To be clear our site was operating fine until a few days ago and we have been using CloudFlare for years, we have not changed anything on our site recently.

For now we have left CloudFlare disabled as it totally breaks our site in its current state.


What error or errors are being returned!

For 5xx errors see

For 1xxx errors see

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