The consultation and request for help to know what to do is about: eyecandysafari .com
It has changed the DNS and all the important details, but it does not load and it shows an error that “delete cookies”. It is deleted and the web continues without being displayed. Help me please.

Can you please head over to and check your current SSL/TLS encryption mode?

If it is currently set to Flexible, then switch to Full (Strict).

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Hello! You are divine and very grateful. I made the change you suggested, but it still shows Error code 526
I wait a while to see if it resolves? or you have another idea what else

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Well, I’m not able to replicate that error. I see the following instead:

You may clear the browser cache & check again or use incognito mode to see the difference.


Hey thanks a lot. Yes, I checked it a while ago, but it was an IP error, which I corrected.
I’m fascinated by this forum for people like me, who don’t know anything and help them.
I want to thank you for the attention :wink:


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