Connection subdomain is insecure


Me: trying Cloudflare and Workers the first time, but experienced with aws and google cloud.

I signed in, and created Worker. Cloudflare gave me subdomain to Followed tutorial for hello world, and published the worker. In editor it is visible and can be tested. The outsideurl does not work, there is no ssl certificate.

I thought ssl certificate for is assigned automatically, and the subdomain just works.
There is 0 issues about this in anywhere. And no documentation about configurating the ssl.

So am I missing something?

My default testing url is:

Thank you.

I don’t recall the RFC by number, but I think underscore on the hostname is non compliant.
Please change to dash and let the thread know.

Thanks for the tip.
Now I wonder how to change it. Wrangler returns error, that I can register only one subdomain per account, which is very reasonable. But how to remove the current?


On the dashboard you can change it.
You might login and logout on wrangler(I’m replying on mobile, and can’t test it.)

I doubt he can change that, he might need to contact support…

@matteo is right, you will have to contact support.