Connection to the MySQL database by cloudflare

Welcome. I forwarded my domain through Cloudflare to my VPS server and on this server I created a database which I also directed through Cloudflare. Unfortunately, the base does not work when the “cloud” is orange, and when it’s gray, the base works but SSL is no longer. How can I make the base work when the cloud is orange. I tried to redirect to port 8443 base and opened the port on VPS but the base still does not work. Please help :slight_smile:

Because it’s non-http traffic. Anything else is not supported unless your are using Spectrum (Enterprise)

Additionally to what Mark already wrote, this would indicate you dont have a certificate on your server which means your site is insecure anyhow.

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I have a free version. So the database will not work via Cloudflare if I have a free version?

The HTTP ports that Cloudflare support are:

The HTTPs ports that Cloudflare support are:

With SSL it should work! I hope the services behind this port is configured for SSL.

MySQL doesn’t use the HTTP protocol.

So it will not work on a free plan?

I know, but this isn’t the port for MySQL.
That’s port 3306…

Maybe the topicstarter has access to his MySQL-management by port 8443, thats used by Plesk.

That’s the default port for the Plesk panel. You’d access the database via PHP MyAdmin which will work.

What he’s trying is to access the database itself through Cloudflare. This is not supported, regardless of the port. It’s not HTTP.

Again: no

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Thanks for the answers!


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