Connection to Minecraft server via subdomain timeout issue


So i have somewhat of a strange issue, potentially? Or maybe im just stupid haha

First, i am running ubuntu 20.04 and i have a few servers running off the same machine:
A basic Apache2 server on port 80
and a Minecraft one on port 3003

I can connect fine to the Apache2 webserver but whenever I try and connect to my Minecraft server it times out and i have absolutely 0 clue why. I’m pretty sure my srv and a record are all good but the connection just doesn’t go through?

I also can no longer connect to the Minecraft server with just the ip anymore, i think its a DNS thing? but can still use the direct IP to view the webserver?

I am pretty new to this networking stuff so i really don’t know what im doing yet

Here are some screenshots:
well only since im only allowed one

Just to confirm, you are saying your also unable to connect with just the numeral IP (and MC port) from the machine as well? If your not able to connect directly with the machine’s IP, then its most likely something on the machine blocking that connection. I would double check the port-forwarding.


hahahahaha oh thanks for giving me the idea of the firewall, it’s those little things tbh

Can’t believe i was stuck for like two weeks and all i had to type was

sudo ufw allow 3003

Thank you so much!
i appreciate it

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