Connection to IP protected external API

Trying to connect to external API. IP allowlist on remote server. Need to provide an IP address to use the external API.

Where do I find the IP to give the external API provider (

How is this Cloudflare related?

If you are saying you need to provide an IP address to a third party, so that they can whitеlist you, then that’s not Cloudflare related and you will need to provide the address of your server. Contact your host for details.

My understanding is that Cloudflare proxies the address through their network which changes the IP. I already whitlisted the server IP but it doen’t work. I thought it might be related to egress, which I don’t understand well enough at the moment.

It does not change the IP address, it simply fronts the server for incoming requests, but this is not relevant here.

Why are you so mean :frowning:

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