Connection Timeout (Cloudfire DNS + Nginx)

Hi everybody, I’ve been trying to configure my domain with Nginx but I haven’t been able to. i don’t know what more i can test or do, Please let me show you all the details:

  1. I acquired a domain in Hostinger (It was not the best decision for my case)

  2. I changed the DNS server names to allow cloudfire to handle all the traffic and have the benefits of cloudfire managed DNS’s. I wasn’t able to transfer the domain because this domain is less than 60 days old.

  3. Here I show all the options that I’ve configured in the Cloudfire panel
    DNS Records

  4. Some other options (I can’t add more than one image because it’s my first post)
    HTTP/2 to Origin: Enable
    HTTP/3 (with QUIC): Enable
    0-RTT Connection Resumption: Enable
    Always Use HTTPS: Enable
    TLS 1.3: Enable
    Normalize incoming URLs: Enable
    WebSockets: Disable
    Onion Routing: Disable
    Browser Integrity Check: Enable
    Hotlink Protection: Disable

I also have these options:
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: Enable
Always Use HTTPS: Enable

  1. I created the origin server certificates

  2. I configured nginx file following the steps in this guide. my ngxing file looks almost the same as the one you can find in the link, I just changed the domain name (I can’t add more images :frowning: )

I also allowed the HTTPS traffic (sudo ufw allow 'Nginx Full'), edited the nginx file, and restarted the service with sudo systemctl restart nginx

  1. I set the encryption mode to full (strict).

  2. I tried to access my server through my domain and https: '" and I got the screen that says that the browser is OK and Cloudfire is OK, but shows that there is an error in the host, in this case, “” my domain, my DNS or my VPS I don’t know where the error can be.

I don’t really know what I am doing wrong, I’ve repeated the process many times and searched for responses on the internet some responses, it’s a kind of simple process, nginx it’s easy to install, and setup the DNS was also easy with the docs and some videos.

My server is a VPS with Ubuntu is almost a new instance, I’ve only downloaded node js and nginx . So I don’t really know what I am missing. I would be grateful if anyone could help me or give me some advice or ideas to test. I don’t have a lot of experience in devops and deployments probably I am making a silly error.

Thanks a lot, if you need more information, screenshots, or anything please let me know, sorry for the large question but I want to show you all the necessary things. Thanks in advice.

Pause Cloudflare and make sure the site generally loads fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare. Once that works, it should also work with Cloudflare.

Right now your server appears to be inaccessible. You need to contact your host or administrator for further details.

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