Connection timed Out Showing After site being stable

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Does anyone have any advice on how to make sure users are not getting timeout issues after it has been resolved. We had an issue with our instance and had to restart and after everything was fine. I have now had a couple of users 3 days later mention that they are seeing the error but i am confident the site is up and accessible. I have also flushed cache on the CF side but one user still sees the same thing on and off.

Perhaps the server’s problem and is considered not to be a cloudflare problem.

Cloud Flare usually does not cache HTML.
In other words, HTML acquisition is performed from the server.

In fact, HTML caching is bypassed. (image)


But in the feeling I saw, the site looks like no problem.

Server WAF settings may be poor.
It may be good to see the server’s WAF log and the live access log.

If you are using OPCACHE or object cache, it may be bad.
It is good to check if the server side cache is also.

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