'Connection timed out' - non proxied

Hello there,

We have a subdomain configured to our load-balancer IP. Removed Cloudflare’s orange cloud, proxy, non-proxied setting.
our internal load-balancer configured to our API server. When trying to access API endpoints, it’s working sometimes, sending proper response. Sometimes it shows '‘Connection timed out’.

Looking for experts help on this.

Thank you.

Hi @giffyness,

Does this only happen when Cloudflare proxying is turned off?

Since the issue occurs intermittently and you’re using an internal load balancer, perhaps there’s an issue with one of your backend servers?

Thanks @albert for responding

It happens only when proxy turned off. It’s working fine when it’s turned on. Our cloud provider is not allowing IPV6 forwarding, so disabled CF proxy.

I created a new load-balancer and connected only one node, installed Nginx, and checking logs, there is no trace of request when it showed up ‘Connection timed out’. All other times there is a record in logs.

Could you watch the network tab in your browser when the connection times out? It should have some more information about what happened.
Also, I can try to see if the issue happens on my end if you share the domain :slightly_smiling_face:

once I get this response… another request is made automatically and getting proper response. Following screenshot is when response is success and proper

Could you share the domain? I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue on my end.

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