Connection Timed Out: Error Code 522

I have suddenly experienced this error and have read the troubleshooting page but still have not clue how to rectify the issue.

I contacted the host but the agent was saying: My advice would be to ask Cloudflare to clear its cache to allow for proxies to load the website in other geographical locations.

Your domain has a proxy service with Cloudflare, which allows caching in different geographical areas. This service is caching the website in different locations, and some locations may not have cache saved. For which, Cloudflare needs to flush their cache to allow the website to load properly.

This issue can take place at any moment in time, the best course of action to take would be to

  1. Talk to Cloudflare and let them know about this, ask them to clear their cache

I noticed that once I do a custom purged in Cloudflare; when I update a page and purge it, I experience this timed out issue.

Already solved. The sites were moved to new server and thus with the move, I needed to change the IP address.

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