Connection timed out Error 522 with Bitwarden


I have the issue in the topic. On local network bitwarden is working regurarly and also other containers are using cloudfare and swag without issue.

Any tip on how to resolve it?

Thank you

522s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out.

Though as that is not your site you’d need to take this up with the site owner and they would need to look into possible issues on their servers.

Sandro I host bitwarden locally so this istance can be considere mine I think. I looked at the link you provided me but I think is not applicable in my case. It happens only with bitwarden while other services works.

Well, the article covers exactly the issue you described. If you get a 522 you should go through the mentioned steps and make sure your service is properly available and does not time out. Check firewall settings and everything else which might be applicable.

In my case in my opinion is slighty different because I don’t see this error 522 for plex, sonarr, radarr, home assistant, deluge or any other service so I can be sure that

1-2. I’m not blocking Cloudflare IPs or have any rate limit
3. It happens everywhere
4. Hosting provider has no load problem (as above it works!)
5. Is not a temporary problem
6. If did not changed any firewall setting and till some week ago it simply worked

So, what next?

I am afraid I can’t comment on your setup as I don’t know what you set up and how you configured your network but Cloudflare is trying to establish a TCP connection to your system and does not get a response from your server. Maybe you forwarded some ports incorrectly or set something else to block such requests.

What you could definitely try is pausing Cloudflare and checking if you have any connection issues when connecting directly. If you don’t, there’d be something in your configuration which filters on Cloudflare IP addresses. Once you double checked that and can rule out anything in that regard you can only open a support ticket and have support check out why certain requests time out.

What’s the URL? Need help with connection timed out 522 on Pi web server I’d recommend following the steps I’ve gave in this community form

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