Connection timed out Error 522 after connectring with cloudflare

I know this question has been asked a lot and I have been checking them out.
first I’m setting it up on a raspberry pi and using this updater

first I thought it was because I didn’t have a subdomain, so I made one and updated it in the file.
But the file seems to be working fine because I tried changing the ip in the overview and it changed back

I have been looking at this to try and find the error but my firewall isn’t blocking it and it’s not set to DROP and I asked my domain provider and they said they aren’t blocking it

Can you prove you can connect to your origin IP globally?

e.g. from the command line you can try:

curl --connect-to :: -svo /dev/null
curl --connect-to :: -svo /dev/null

Replacing with your hostname and with your origin IP.

You can also try an online tool such as:

Again replacing with your origin IP.

Similarly, you must make sure that your origin IP is what is currently defined in your Cloudflare DNS… that script above looks logical but there’s a bunch of places where that could fail. If it’s failing, your Cloudflare DNS might be pointing to an out of date IP address.

Okay I can’t connect to it globally.
The ip in Cloudflare is pointing to my origin ip, well the ip in DNS records show my origin ip and if I change it and run the script it changes back to my ip.
The script on the picture is only partial, that’s why I provided the link I followed this guide

If you can’t connect to it globally then neither can Cloudflare - assuming your firewall is open as you mentioned.

So you will need to troubleshoot that with your hosting provider or ISP to understand why - once you can connect, Cloudflare likely will be able to, too :slight_smile: .

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