Connection timed out (522) on Toronto CF server and on specific web elements

Hello guys,
I am running a business website “” on Cloudflare, during my test, I found some specific element is broken with timed out 522 but majority of the site loads fine on Toronto CF server. Using direct link to these elements will directly result a 522 page. Please refer to firefox network screenshot for this issue.

Toronto Server Firefox Network Output:

If you are visiting the site, you probably not going to see it, because this issue is very specific, I only found that it happens on Toronto CF server. I know that ( is one of the problematic CF server that will produce this issue with link:

Different browser produce the same thing, as long as it is on Toronto CF server and some elements would refuse to load, same elements that are broken everytime, they do not change.

If you guys have a way to fix this, would be great. Thanks for helping out.

Jack L.

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