"Connection timed out" (522) on Cloudflare Pages site

Was loving the features of Cloudflare Pages, had my simple page up and running in minutes and it was used plenty the following week or so. Recently, however, I tried to access it and I am running into this persistent error. The really concerning part is that neither the subdomain (https://saleslinks.bfreecup.com) I set up as well as the specific deployment URL (https://31d0a1fe.bfreelinks.pages.dev) provided by Pages are working now. Both show a 522 Error, where both had worked days earlier. Nothing changed in the settings, and deployment status is still showing “Success”. Very confused over here, any help would be greatly appreciated, as I was looking at repeating this process for a few other tiny landing pages.

Can you do a new deployment and see if it persists?

Same here for two of my pages deployments, they are giving instant 522 timeouts for the last 12 hours or so. This is the third time in two weeks, I cannot continue using a service this unreliable. It’s only serving up static content for goodness sake.

What’s your pages.dev and have you done another deployment?

launcher-3cx.pages.dev and no, have not done another deployment, I don’t see that as a reasonable remedy.

Sorted you out.

We’re aware of a very small number of sites having an issue and are working on it. A redeploy fixes it but manually fixed yours.
Apologies for the issue.

Thank you for sorting us out Walshy, I do appreciate it :+1:

Thanks for taking a look @Walshy, I did not create a new deployment, but rather an entirely new Pages Project. I wanted to understand what I may have done that would have lead to this issue, so as to avoid it in the future. The new Project worked perfectly right out of the gate, just as the original had, and at some point today the original came back up and is running without the 522 error (I assume someone on the Pages Team manually fixed it, thanks for that!)

So everything is working now, but I still want to understand how to avoid this in the future as I intend to create more really simple static landing pages and need to be confident that I can rely on them remaining up without any intervention.

Yep that was me

There was a bug which meant that projects which were deleted and re-created quickly with the same name had these 522s without a new deployment after we made a change (and were opted into the new routing)

It was a bug for a small number of projects, nothing you could have done your side to prevent. Doing a new deploy would have fixed it (after we pushed that change).

We’ll have this fully fixed tomorrow.
Sadly bugs happen, this one was obscure and luckily only happened to a few projects.
We apologise for the issues, you’re free to ping or email me ([email protected]) or contact support anytime it you have issues.


Thanks again, appreciate the quick response and info

I am having the same issue; connection time out - error code 522. Could someone help me with that, please?

What’s your pages.dev and have you done a production deployment?

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