Connection timed out 522 Error


I have a personal domain ( for family linked to an Emby account. I got some help to create it and added a SSL Certificate, agree to use Cloudflare for host and it had been working perfect until last 3 days, now no one can connect and I’m getting a 522 error Connection Time out.

Contacted my domain support and was told to contact here, I added to the domain 2 Cloudflare host servers: [susan.ns.] and [yevgen.ns.]

Did make sure my router and Windows 10 firewall it’s not doing the blocking but it’s all good.

I’m not an IT and really need some guidance. Any help will be highly appreciated

Update: My IP Provider had updated the ip address, added all necessary changes in my Cloudflare account and problem solved.

Question: Is there’s a way I can link those IP updates automatically or must be manually ?

Cloudflare has an API for updating DNS records, but you’d have to figure out a way to script it.

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