Connection not secure

How do I avoid having this connection not secure message? Do I need to change my site to be currently it goes to

Always use HTTPS and rewrite is activated.
website is dahliagreenevents dot com


There are mixed content issues. Automatic HTTPS rewrites aren’t always the solution since it will rewrite only addresses that Cloudflare knows are available on HTTPS.

You need to change all links in the HTML of your website to be HTTPS if external and relative if on your website.

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Hmm ok thanks! How can I go through and change the links to be https? I assume you mean my own web pages, or do you just mean links in blog posts?

That is different depending on where your website is hosted and how it’s built.

You need to change all resources (CSS, JS, images that you embed, videos, fonts, etc. even if called from within a script) not links that make you change the page (be it a link to your other pages, even though they should be relative to prevent redirects, or third party like for example).

The alternative solution would be using CSP, Content Security Policy, with a upgrade-insecure-requests policy. Read on it though and check how you can create it for your website and server.

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