Connection not secure on Cloudflare

Hello, i have already requested my hosting to change the nameservers with the Cloudflare nameservers, and yes, they did. I can see the stats and all on my Cloudflare account, but the question is whenever I open to my site first, it shows Cloudflare SSL but then turn to this not secure connection. SS: While loading page: after loading page:
Can experts guide me on what I am doing wrong?
Info: Site status is active:
SSL certificate is: Flexible
Three Page-Rules:
*I don’t have much idea but saw somewhere these settings applied on my site.
Is there anything else needed for the solution please ask me, BTW I’m using HostGator for hosting my site

Mixed Content.

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 4.11.40 PM


I will try to fix the issue, apology i didn’t knew exactly how to call this issue otherwise i do search rather than creating new topic. One more thing i wanted to ask you, that the page rules i applied are fine? if yes.
Also where i can learn for more page rules.

Please post a screenshot of your rules, the community does not have access to your account.

Some helpful Things about page rules

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