Connection Not Private Error only on UAE Etisalat ISP

Hi All,
Please go easy on me with not too much technical jargon :blush:
Sorry for the long description - I’m crazy confused

I linked my site thru Cloudflare following all the instructions from various YT vids explaining the setup for Cloudflare and SSL
No problem there. Very easy.

The site I set up to play around with, learn and configure things is
It’s using Wordpress and the Really Simple SSL plugin.
I set up the SSL with Full (Strict) and added the origin certificate into the relevant SSL section of my hosting (Hostinger)
Everything works fine. No issues at all.

I then setup site number 2 and followed exactly the same steps -
As this will be my main site, having this one work is more important.
I almost immediately got the error message “Connection Not Private” on both Chrome and Safari.
I bypassed this and continued the final steps with Really Simple SSL
Hours later I was still showing the same error, but when I checked on my mobile using my mobile data network the site was fine and showing the padlock etc.
I checked with Hostinger support and they advised that in their location my site’s SSL is working 100% as it should be. They suggested all the normal things, clearing cache, restarting macbook, resetting router…

A friend living on the other side of town also checked and her response is really the weird part and thus the main problem.
On her macbook at home on her home wifi she also gets the “connection not private” error but on her mobile data network it shows as a functioning and secured site.

We live in UAE and both use Etisalat as the home ISP.
She uses Etisalat as her mobile data provider and I use the other mobile data option here which is DU

I’ve setup a 3rd site to see if it’s just a random error and the same thing is happening with this one also.
I’ve played around with all 3 sites, changing to Flexible, Full and Full (strict)
I’ve deleted CAA records, completed requested new origin certificates and even fully deleted and reinstalled one of the sites and started from scratch.

Why on a local ISP network are 2 of my sites not showing as secure but 1 site is secure yet all sites seem to be functioning as correctly setup Secure sites on 2 different mobile data networks and in other international locations (Friends in Italy, New Zealand, Australia and the US have all confirmed this) and what can I do to fix this ???

Thanks in advance

One source of trouble is that your site wasn’t configured for HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare. Adding the origin certificate with Full (Strict) SSL is an excellent idea.

Realy Simple SSL does a so-so job of fixing your code so it uses HTTPS. A final step would be to add this to your .htaccess file:

<ifModule mod_headers.c>
Header always set Content-Security-Policy "upgrade-insecure-requests;"
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Thanks @sdayman
Probably a serious newbie question but can you point to any tutorial or give me a quick tip re configuring for HTTPS before adding to cloudflare

Thanks for the htaccess code :slight_smile:

This would be part of a good hosting plan, and each host’s instructions for doing this will vary.

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