Connection is not private


Your connection is not private
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Please tell me how to fix the issue


It looks like you’re disabled Cloudflare.

I’d guess your Cloudflare SSL setup didn’t complete. What’s the Status on your Crypto settings page? Is it Active, or something else?


Cloud flare is active. In crypto, I have settings SSL to full. What are the changes I need to update in crypto. Please guide me. It’s very emergency.

#4 is going through Cloudflare. But the SSL certificate presented does not have your domain name in it. is not. But it’s working great and has a good SSL certificate.

The www is set up as a CNAME for something that probably isn’t correct. It should be an A record with the same IP address as

The catch is it looks like you’re using Bluehost to set up Cloudflare, so that makes setup a bit more challenging.

Your SSL section of the Crypto page should look like below. Is Status showing “Active Certificate”? It may be, but it just doesn’t match your domain…maybe because of the CNAME issue above.

While you’re troubleshooting this, I suggest you open a Support ticket at and see if they can untangle the SSL issuance.


Thank you for the information. I will check the DNS record and SSL.

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