Connection from client socket to domain

How to set up a domain so that a client socket accessing the domain sees the server socket, which is based on the same IP address as the domain. I would not want to burn the SP in the client, but I just can’t do it.

In fact, when we specify the settings in the socket server to bind to the domain, it still falls on the SP to which the domain is forwarded, and not on the specific domain name, therefore, when we access the domain from the client, nothing happens, as , the server is bound to the IP address that is tied to the domain.

Why I don’t understand what needs to be done so that the server then does not fall on the IP, so that it needs to be bound to the domain name …
How to configure this DNS correctly, is there anyone who faced this problem?

As soon as I slip into the client the SP on which the server is waiting, everything immediately sees and connects.

I am not quite sure how that is Cloudflare related.

But as long as your client connects via the hostname and uses HTTP, you will be able to use your client. Otherwise not, as Cloudflare only supports HTTP.

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