Connection Failed issue, NEED HELP PLEASE

Hello I need support here, my web page was down for a couple of days now, I am not able to fix it

Below is the error :

An error occurred during a connection to Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).


My website works before, recently, IP was changed by the internet provider and I changes that IP in DNS settings and afterwards the webpage not working

Below steps was checked :

Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict) → Enabled

SSL/TLS Recommender → Marked Yes

Edge Certificates → Active status

Always Use HTTPS → Marked Yes

Opportunistic Encryption → Marked Yes

TLS 1.3 → Marked Yes

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites → Marked Yes

Certificate Transparency Monitoring → Marked Yes

Origin Certificates => HOST: *, (2 hosts)

Expire: Jul 26, 2036

Authenticated Origin Pulls → Marked Yes

Could this help a bit?:

Does it mean your website is on a new Web server?

  • therefore, which could have some Firewall and not let the Cloudflare either to connect?
  • or something other in between like misconfigured SSL certificate and accepted SSL ciphers (maybe RSA, but not ECDSA or vice-versa) from your hosting provider vs. the Cloudflare Origin CA certificate which you have used (maybe you have to re-install it again?)?
  • or the TLS version set to to high, maybe lower it to TLS 1.2 at Cloudflare dashboard?
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