Connection error on socket io over ssl

Hi all,
I’m using the ssl port 8443 for connection using node js.
This the url
and it’s showing secure when I open this link on browser. But it’s showing error “Cannot GET /” while opening this through our application. Can you please help me out?

What is your application? Can you post a screenshot and the exact error?

My guess, you run into a challenge.

thanks for your response. Here is the error I’m getting:

Thats an error message straight from your server. You need to debug your application respectively check your log files.

But my application was not throwing any errors before ssl. I mean when I’m using a http url then the socket io connection is working. But now as I’m using https url it’s showing me such error. Please help me out.

In that case your application does not seem to be ready for HTTPS. You need to reconfigure it to work with HTTPS then.

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