Connection Error. Mail from webmail account not being retrieved in Gmail

After makeing full setup of Cloudflare with my website hosted at A2 Hosting, I am getting an error message in Gmail as:
Connection Error. Mail from this account (my webmail account) has not been retrieved.

with details as:
Connection Error.
Server returned error “Connection timed out: There may be a problem with the settings you added. Ple…”

I checked a video on Google on this issue, using which I created two records in DNS in Cloudflare (an A and another MX). But it did not remove the error.

I am new to this setup, please guide what I should change to get the mails’ retrieval in Gmail get going.

Sukhvinder Sidhu

It could have something to do with this:

Thanks a lot sdayman for the tutorial link. I could not have reached it so easily.

I will check it out and inform.

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Hi sdayman,

Thanks a lot for your help with the link of this article.

As I am new to Cloudflare and the DNS stuff, I could understand it only partially, and tried to make changes to the DNS records as I understood the advice in it. But it has not worked for me, I think, instantly.

I am attaching an image with this email, so you may advice me on this issue of Gmail unable to connect to retrieve the websmails associated with my website after setting up Cloudflare for my website.

I have also written to my website’s Hosting support, so I could get a more clear picture from the two responses; you know I’m not a tech expert in this field.

Kindly help me to solve the above issue of Gmail not being able to connect to my webmails.

Thanks & regards,

Sukhvinder Sidhu

The issue seems to have resolved. Thanks a lot for the help!

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