Connection doesn't get routed through WARP when connected to phone's hotspot

WARP/ works fine on my Android phone itself, but enabling a portable hotspot so I can use the connection on my other devices isn’t working and I have no idea why.

Im doing this because I have other devices (such as a TV) that has no WARP app, and I need the connection to get routed through WARP just like my phone does. I figured I could just share the connection from my phone but I guess not? No matter what I do, the internet on those other devices always uses the connection directly from the WIFI that my phone is connected to, completely ignoring/bypassing WARP. Why?

I also tested this with a VPN that I use and the issue is there as well, so im guessing this is an Android thing. Surely there’s a simple setting somewhere that can magically fix this?

After some research, it is indeed because of how Android is designed to work. I was able to achieve that without rooting my phone using the app “Every Proxy” by following this guide here (sorry if external links aren’t allowed):

Took some fidgeting around to get it to work, but im now able to share the WARP connection from my primary phone to a secondary phone & a Windows 10 PC (it’s just for browsing purposes). However, im not sure if this procedure will also work on my TV. At the moment im not at the same location as the TV that I want to apply this to so I can test it out. Im trying to plan this whole thing and figure it out in advance before travelling to where that TV is located. Do new smart TVs normally allow you to configure a proxy when connecting through WIFI? If that’s a yes, then hopefully it should work there too.

During my research about this issue and why Androids lack this natively, it seems that some people do have an option in their Android’s VPN settings to simply “allow VPN sharing”. I don’t have that on my Android 10 & 11 phones. Any idea why some people get that option and some don’t? Im willing to get a phone that specifically allows me to do just that if it’s really as easy as toggling some option on!

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