Connection between Private Networks/tunnels


I have 3 Private Networks as tunnels.
tunnel1 = multiple machines in lan, tunnel on
tunnel2 =, single machine
tunnel3 =, single machine

If I use warp (on my mobile phone) - I can ssh to any host.
Propblem is that all these should combine to a bigger network, meaning… (or for example), should be able to connect to and
and should be able to connect and any host in
and to and any host in

But this works only on my mobile phone with warp. Which is pretty useless. These hosts should be able to transfer files between and so on, and at the moment… It is not happening, they cannot connect between their selves.

All server hosts are running linux, with latest cloudflared.
I tried to experiment with cloudflared routing, but finally came to conclusion that I’d better to ask for some help, as googling this topic provides everything else but what I am looking for…