Connecting with different Cloudflare servers using IPv4 and IPv6

Hello, I’m new here, hope you guys can give me some light.

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I’m having some speed problems with some services on the internet. For exemple, my download speed on Steam and downloading Android Studio is completly normal, but my download speed at Microsoft Store and GitHub is horrible slow. Recently I discovered and doing some test, I found some clues. When I tested my connection with my ISP using only IPv4, I’m connecting with Miami Cloudflare server (I’m from Brazil), but when I’m testing with the same ISP but using only IPv6, I’m connecting with São Paulo Cloudflare server.

Using IPv4 I’m connecting with Miami servers, that means slow connection due to distance, and with IPv6 I’m connecting with São Paulo servers, that means a faster connection due to distance.

Some of the services that I’m having throble with, is using using only IPv4 (Microsoft Store) and I’m connecting with outborder servers. Downloading Android Studio and games on Steam, I’m connecting with IPv6.

I don’t know how speed.cloudflare works, but if I’m correct, that means that I’m connecting with slower connections when using only IPv4 on services that uses cloudflare, and may be doing the same thing to other services

My question is:
I’m getting closer to a solution? Can I do something to solve this issue? Have someone had this problem before?

Cloudflare tries to route you to their closest datacenter, but your ISP has the final say. It’s up to them how to route their requests.

In your case, this probably isn’t the best way to test your Internet speed, as the routing isn’t favorable.

As an alternate, I suggest you try It will also try to connect you to the “closest” server, then will let you know where the test is conducted.

Cloudflare can’t speed up your ISP… is just an attempt to measure speed to the Cloudflare network.

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