Connecting to WP admin via automatic script

Has anyone encountered such an issue?
Problem connecting to WP admin via automatic script(on hosting admin panel) only when the site goes through CF?

I am not familiar with this environment.

Are you trying to access cPanel or something similar?

May I ask what error or issue do you get?

What happens if you set :orange: to :grey: cloud temporarly?
How about using temporarly “Pause Cloudflare on this site” option?

Do you have an valid SSL certificate at your origin host? Is the Website working over HTTPS?
Is WordPress installed and was it working over HTTPS before you moved your domain to Cloudflare?

May I also ask what kind of SSL option have you got selected under SSL/TLS tab at Cloudflare dashboard? (Flexible, Full, Strict …)

Is the WP admin working over SSL?

If using any script, was it accessing via URL or IP address?
What kind of a script? Does it support SNI for SSL certificates and maybe the TLS version 1.2?

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