Connecting to printful & gooten

Recently had issues connecting my Printful and Gooten accounts to woocommerce i figured out it was because of cloudfare so i temporarily disabled it and i was able to connect the accounts. now i have cloudfare running again but when i go to connect a product it doesnt work. is there a way to use printful and gooten without having to disable cloudfare every single time? ive read to disable the fight bot mode but would that be bad for my site? especially when i have timed drops for items im selling like a preorder?

Is there some sort of error you’re seeing?

If Disabling Bot Fight Mode fixes it, that’s a start. It would trigger events that should show up in the Firewall Events Activity Log, along with the reason the request was blocked. You could try adding your server’s IP address as an Allow in Firewall → Tools

how do i get the IP address? im not tech savy at all so i have no idea what youre talking about unless u explain word for word im not going to know how to do that

OK i think i figured out how to add the firewall rule except its not working ive tried using the host name IP address and its still blocking it is there something im not doing right?

Ok so i figured it out…
step 1- sign into cloudfare
step 2- click on the site you are using
step 3- click firewall
step 4- click tools
step 5- its easier to add the IP or ASN then click “allow” in the drop down in the notes i wrote what website i was allowing so either printful or gooten then click add
heres where it gets tricky…
with gooten its easier to put the IP address because they use the same IP so in order to do that i signed into gooten and tried to link something to my shop when it tells me it fails i went over to cloudfare go to firewall and click the overview tab it will give u a list of things that have been blocked make sure to pay attention to the times so you know you are clicking on the right description because it wont come up as gooten it came off as microsoft or something like that copy the IP address when following the steps above.
with prtintful its easier to use the ASN because the IP changed everytime it tried to sync something to my store so again u can follow what i mentioned previously with trying to sync something then when it fails come back to cloudfare to catch that ASN. When youre in overview printful will come up in the description however the ASN is not written in a way that they want you to type it when added into the tools like it will come up
AS16509 AMAZON-02 but when youre adding it to the tools only type AS16509 so it takes. Hope that helps anyone in the future

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