Connecting to NAS (SMB file share)

Hi - is it possible to connect to either Synology or Asustor local file shares through Clouldflare Access? We’re a small office and with people working from home, this seems like a better and more secure option than a VPN. Everyone is using windows 10. Ideally, I’d like to have the remote drive mounted.

Thank you

You may refer to this documentation:

You might need a small server that actually tunnels the SMB traffic from your NAS to Cloudflare via Argo Tunnel.

How about running the Argo Tunnel in a docker container on the NAS?
I found this:
I don’t have much experience with docker, though.

If your NAS lets you execute commands inside terminal (and gives you the ability to install Docker Engine and run Docker containers), then you may try that.

Otherwise, setup another server (or virtual machine) and run cloudflared on it - either directly install cloudflared on your machine or using Docker container.