Connecting to MYSQL via Zero Trust (cloudflared) ends up in Lost Connection

Hi together,
we are using Zero Trust with a set of two cloudflared.exe Endpoints on Windows in our company network.

we are using WARP+ and connect to a mysql server in our private network via SQL (3306 Standard Port) from our clients with Warp.

But: We are losing 30% of our connection attemps in an error “lost connection”. I don´t know where to search.

Do you know where or what to look for in this problematic case?

Thanks. Best regards

I would make sure you aren’t running more then one tunnel replica on a different machine (like you left it uninstalled or something). If you are, that would explain why it works sometimes but others, tunnel replica routing is somewhat random as far as I know.

I wouldn’t really recommend using cloudflared/warp for site → site access though in my opinion, it’s more of a point → site (for users to vpn in/get access).

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We only have one tunnel replica. Nothing left uninstalled.
The connection is not site to site. Our employees have some of their development instances on their local computer and need to connect to a mysql server in our infrastrcture.

With cloudflare Zero Trust they don´t need to change the connection string. Instead they should be able to seemlessly connect. But we have those timeouts.

you are not crazy, i’m having the same problem with mysql specifically. it appears that no matter if i’m using one or two replicas i get this mysql error. i don’t know why. i was going to open a ticket with cloudflare. i’m glad i’m not nuts

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I have already opened a ticket and they requested warp-diag files and some timestamps of testings. Hopefully they find something. Ticket Number is 2847785

Hello, did you manage to solve this problem? the same happens to me.

Yes… They did a deep dive into my support case and resolved the issue with a new version of cloudflared. Since then our problems were solved and haven´t appeared again.