Connecting Squarespace from Siteground

My website was on WordPress using Siteground Hosting and Siteground domain. I’ve now created a new website with Squarespace and want to point my domain to it. Siteground has told me I need to use Cloudflare as when my hosting plan runs out on the 16th of January, I will no longer have access to DNS settings under my domain.

My Siteground records are still pointing my domain at WordPress at this stage. When I log into my Cloudflare account under DNS this is showing as ‘Partner Hosted Zone’.

Does anyone know what the steps I need to take here to get my website showing through Squarespace?

  1. You will have to turn off your Cloudflare integration at Siteground.
  2. Squarespace has instructions:
    Connecting your domain to Cloudflare – Squarespace Help Center

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