Connecting my site to my kajabi account and have some concerns

I am connecting my kajabi website through cloudflare to take advantage of the SSL certificate (the only way to get ssl on kajabi)

My domain name is registered and hosted by go daddy. I only changed the nameservers on godaddy to point to cloudflare. Is this what i need to do to get the ssl cert on my kajabi site?

Also, I want to get email with the same domain name for my website to correspond with customers. Does this have anything to do with cloudflare? and if so what do i need to do to make this all work?

Thanks for the help!

Changing NS >> Cloudflare is required for activating your account and allows Cloudflare to manage the validation for the USSL.

No, unfortunately Cloudflare doesn’t offer email service. You’ll sign-up w/ an email hosting provider, then you can add the necessary DNS records to Cloudflare to activate the email. Your web host should offer email otherwise you can sign-up via 3rd-party provider like Outlook, gMail etc.

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