Connecting my domain name to Shopify

Hi there,

I’m looking for someone to help me connect my domain name that I have connected here to my Shopify account but I’m having difficulty. I read an article on here that in order to enable something called O2O I have to purchase the enterprise plan which is over $200 I’m sure of it because the business plan option is over $200. I don’t have $200 per month for something like this. Is there an alternative way for me to connect my domain name here on Shopify or is it not possible unless I purchase the enterprise plan?

Thank you for reading my message

You don’t need Enterprise to use Shopify. O2O that’s available on Enterprise allows you to layer your own Cloudflare setup on top of Shopify’s. This is not required and just means you have less control over the Cloudflare settings for your domain. You should just be able to follow Shopify’s regular instructions to set your site up with them.

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