Connecting .gov domain to Cloudflare

We are a governmental agency that is trying to get its .gov domain set up. This requires us to enter nameservers into the .gov portal before they will officially register the domain. But, because the domain is not registered we are unable to add the domain to Cloudflare.

I found a reply from a CF team member in another thread, stating that this can be done manually. However, I cannot find where I can create a ticket to make this request. Is there a CF team member out there that can assist?

Please open a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com

And post the ticket # here as soon as you get the autoreply.


Thanks for the quick reply. A ticket has been submitted - it is #2291210.

Ok, I’ll add it to today’s short list of .gov requests in the escalation queue.

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Is there any forthcoming guidance as to how to add .gov domains? My organization is in the same predicament as the OP.

Hi @user5949,

For now, you will need to open a ticket with Cloudflare. If you get an autoreply saying it has been closed, please post the ticket number here and we can escalate it.

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