Connecting Google Sites with Cloudflare

I am trying to connect Google Sites with my Cloudflare domain and seem to be having issues with this.

If I set the SSL encryption mode to flexible, I get a too many redirects error, and if I move it to full or above, I get a 525 error. Reading through many posts about this issue, it seems to be an issue with the lack of an SSL certificate. I have tried turning off Cloudflare, generating the origin certificate, turning off always HTTPS, turning on HTTPS, turning off HSTS, and turning off automatic HTTPS Rewrites.

I have added this site to cloudflare a few days ago, and have also waited with some settings, but nothing seems to work. Any advice is appreciated.

You shouldn’t use the legacy modes in the first place, as they keep your site insecure and break it, as in your case. Only Full Strict provides encryption, so make sure it’s set to that.

If you get an error, that means your server is not secure. Pause Cloudflare and contact your host to get this fixed. As you mentioned that’s a certificate issue on your server. Once your site loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

I have tried pausing Cloudflare, but this has not seemed to do anything. I’m still getting an error.

I assume Google Sites is a relatively common hosting provider, hence this question here. I don’t think there is any way to modify the certificate on Google’s side and this worked with my previous domain provider, without any modifications on the Google sites side.

Precisely, because your server is not secure. You need to secure that first and talk to your host, as already mentioned in the first response.

As long as your server is not secure, your site cannot be secure. Hence, proceed with what was already mentioned, pause Cloudflare, talk to your host to get the site secure, and once that works it also works on Cloudflare.

Your site needs to load fine without Cloudflare first, until then it cannot work on Cloudflare.

I’m sorry then. I don’t think I understand. Would you be able to break down, in layman’s terms, what I should communicate to the Google support? Should I ask them about “my server not being secure” or are there specific keywords I should use?

I will update this thread later with a solution if I am able to find one for future people.

  1. Pause Cloudflare
  2. Talk to Google to get your site working on HTTPS - you will need a certificate
  3. Once the site is working on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare

Bottom line, your site is not loading on HTTPS and Google as your host needs to fix that.

And yes, the Origin certificate you mentioned is the correct approach, however it still needs to be configured on your server and that’s what Google needs to do, however I believe Google provides a certificate anyhow.

At this point this is not Cloudflare related I am afraid and you only need to make sure your host fixes the site so that it loads fine on HTTPS, Cloudflare is not involved here. Once that works, it will also work on Cloudflare.

This is somewhat frustrating. Google is pointing to Cloudflare and Cloudflare is pointing to Google. I imagine this is a common issue as Google Sites is a relatively well known hosting platform. Is there a well defined solution for this or is it the first time this has come up?

Yes, the solution was posted two days ago.

With Cloudflare paused, Cloudflare is not involed in the first place, hence

is pointless.

So as already mentioned

This is solely a host issue I am afraid.

Ok so my google site seems to work on HTTPS (If I go to the link, it works properly). How would I now get it working with Cloudflare? If I unpause Cloudflare, I get the same errors as before

Thank you for your continued help sandro

Your site needs to load fine on your own domain, not on Google’s.

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