Connecting .eu domain

Hello, I want to add my domain to Cloudflare but it does not recognise or do this. I get the message " You currently have no domains available for transfer." I have unlocked the domain and have the authorization code. My domain name is - what do I do? Thanks! Sabrina

Cloudflare does not currently support .eu domains for the registrar service.

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OK so I will ask them for a refund as I just bought hosting with them. Thanks.

I assume you do not mean Cloudflare, as they are not a host.

Anyhow, you can still use such a domain on Cloudflare, just not as registrar.

Excuse my ignorance, how would I do this while keeping our domain ? At the moment nothing is working and we have been without email for weeks. Ideas are welcome

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Do what? Your site is currently using Cloudflare and assuming your encryption mode is Full Strict, there is nothing for you to do.

our website also has stopped working and no solution has been found between a few organisations such as our current host and Kajabi which we use for our courses. Thank you for your suggestions/advice.

Thanks but that not tell me anything, I have no experience or knowledge of these things. None of use can send emails, or access webmail, we must be doing things wrong and miss steps.

Yeah, there does seem to be a configuration issue, but that’s not related to the registrar service.

I would recommend to pause Cloudflare and clarify this with your host. If you need further advice, open a separate thread, as that’s a different issue from your original question.

This domain is on Cloudflare, but does not have any MX records listed. You will want to verify what the mail related records should be from your mail provider and add them to Cloudflare’s DNS.


Thanks Sandro, so what do I do about the registrar for the domain hosting, leave this with another provider?

Correct, Cloudflare currently does not support .eu.

So the domain name can be with and/or without email? I can have my domain name somewhere and my website and email hosting elsewhere and they will connect? Thanks for your patience

To clarify terms a bit. A registrar is a company a domain is purchased from and is responsible for things like domain renewal, updating nameserver records.

A domain hosting company may be, but is often not the same company (and could be multiple companies for different website hosts / properties).

Cloudflare provides (generally) security and performance services (along with DNS services) for domains. For some TLDs it can also act as a registrar, but there’s no additional value to having Cloudflare as your registrar.


Please open another thread for that issue as we should not mix different issues.

You can use .eu domains on Cloudflare, but not for the registrar service.

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Yes, that is a very common configuration

Contact your domain registrar and ask them to change the nameservers to their default nameservers.

As mentioned earlier on this thread, cloudflare is not your hosting provider. I noticed your ticket with Support and have added myself & link to this conversation for the agent and they’ll continue the discussion on the ticket.

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