Connecting email sending domain Hubspot

I’m trying to connect my email sending domain to Hubspot.

I’ve followed the instructions Hubspot provide, but when i go to verify the DNS changes it says ‘Unable to validate DNS records’

When clicking on the status it says ‘Your DNS changes either haven’t been made or are still processing. Please ensure you’ve updated this record. Then, wait a few minutes and refresh this table.’

It’s been 4 days since i made the changes.

Does anyone have any experience connecting an email sending domain to Hubspot through cloudflare?

Hi @james54,

Firstly, make sure that any validation records are set to :grey: and not :orange: in Cloudflare.

If that doesn’t help, can you please post the instructions you have been given and screenshots of the DNS changes you have made?

Thanks. Yes, that worked.

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