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Hello, I am not really tech savvy and I just want to change my website platform and connect my domain to my new website. My domain was purchased from goDaddy and I moved it to Cloudflare quite some time ago. It was connected to my website hosted through Ucraft and now I made a new website with GetResponse. I have no clue how to connect my domain to that website, as they ask me to change the name servers, which I understand I cannot do?

I have searched for the answer, but I cannot find it. Honestly, I don’t even remember how I connected the domain to my website at Ucraft. And I can’t seem to get any answers from either of those platforms on how to move it without changing NS records.

Hopefully someone can help, otherwise I have to take the domain away from Cloudflare to get it connected to GetResponse?

Help, please :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Based on a couple very hasty searches, it appears that “GetResponse” is a host that requires you to use their own nameservers in order to use their service; if there are any exceptions or workarounds then I didn’t see them on initial glance; you’d have to check their documentation more thoroughly or contact them to ask.

When you say you moved your domain from GoDaddy to Cloudflare, did you just switch your DNS service to Cloudflare, or did you go all the way and transfer your domain to Cloudflare Registrar? If you transferred to Cloudflare Registrar, you can’t use non-Cloudflare nameservers at all, you’d have to transfer your domain out to another registry, then you’d be able to change nameservers.

If your domain registration is still with GoDaddy and you’re just using Cloudflare as your DNS provider, you can log into your GoDaddy account and change the nameservers for your domain to point to GetResponse’s nameservers. At that point you’ll no longer be using Cloudflare, though, at least not directly. GetResponse might be a Cloudflare partner/reseller, in which case they may give you the option to use Cloudflare indirectly via their Cloudflare account, but any management of your DNS records & such would have to be done through them, and not through the Cloudflare dashboard.

Thank you for your reply! I thought I only moved the DNS service, but when I go to Godaddy I cannot get into DNS at all, because it says it is hosted elsewhere. Therefore, I have no option of changing the nameservers there either…

GetResponse hasn’t been helpful so far, but now someone there is suggesting using Cname to link the www subdomain? I will try it and see if it works. They don’t support A records, that’s how I did it when I hosted my website at Ucraft.

I hope it works…

I have someone escalate the issue at GetResponse because I cannot add the Cname ‘www’ subdomain either. Basically, they said there is no other way but to change the name servers… So I hope the escalation is going to help and someone at IT can do it manually.

I just don’t understand, because then what would be the point of running it through Cloudflare?

It looks like you’re using Cloudflare nameservers, so you would change your DNS settings within Cloudflare.

Not GoDaddy and not GetResponse.

But if you’re wanting to change nameservers, that has to be done at your domain registrar, which is GoDaddy.

I’m not sure what the GoDaddy interface looks like (thank god), but I’d expect DNS and Nameservers settings to be in different sections of the dashboard.

Looking at WHOIS, their registrar is GoDaddy.

If GetResponse requires the user to use their name servers, this has to be done at GoDaddy:

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I love how their instructional video starts with:

“There are times you may need to update your nameservers to make your website and email work correctly”

GoDaddy calling themselves out for having poor services.

lol… as long as your registrar isn’t :logo: throwing shade at GoDaddy is fun.

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