Connecting DNS subdomains to google search console

I’m trying to solve a problem with my Google Search Console. It’s saying I need to verify all of my subdomains. In reading about DNS settings in Cloudflare help articles, I think this may be a “crawl error,” but I’m not sure. When I go to the help page about DNS crawl errors, it says this:

Troubleshooting steps vary depending on whether your domain is on Cloudflare via a Full or CNAME setup. To verify which setup your domain uses, open a terminal and execute the following command (replace with your Cloudflare domain):
dig +short SOA`

I’m pretty sure I have a CNAME setup but I don’t know what it means when they say “open a terminal…” What’s a terminal???

Powershell on a Windows machine, or Terminal on MacOS.

And CNAME Setup means your web host set up your Cloudflare domain for you.

To verify the domain, @zandra, google will ask you to add a TXT record to your DNS app on the dashboard, to do this follow this #tutorials, Adding DNS Records.

You are on a full, not partial CNAME setup.

Also, on the DNS app, click the :grey: by your A and CNAME records as they are currently bypassing cloudflare set to DNS only. Clicking them will change them to :orange:.


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