Connecting Cpanel Gmail via SMTP alongside with Cloudflare

I set up my website with CDN Cloudflare. The website’s email is sent and received through Cpanel without any problems. I monitor Cpanel’s emails in Gmail(SMTP) . Then after activating DNS, the SMTP of google is deactivated. My Gmail can receive emails, but I can not send emails through SMTP(Gmail).
I have read through the articles of your website, and unfortunately, I do not understand how to solve this issue

What’s the domain?

Hopefully you read the below:

I knew and read the instructions but my problem is that sending email via smtp with port 465 from gmail’s side. When i set up email in gmail and click on SEND, cpanel does not recieve my request.

SMTP server should be
Oh, and your MX record should direct your mail to the server. Not the server. Get rid of that first MX record.

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The issus is not still solved
Are the records correct? (Cpanel,Cloudflare )These records from Cpanel are as below:

Without this critical piece of information, there’s nothing more I can suggest.

@sdayman is a functioning mail server. I can connect to it on Port 465 for SMTP.

How do you know cPanel isn’t receiving your request to send mail? See if you can send to the mail test address at this site, then check the results:

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