Connecting cloudflre ns to a subdomain. not root

Hello, I want to use two different CDN (The cloudflare will set for experiments and backups), while the main one will be with WWW and set on other DNS with the ns on the root domain, and connecting a subdomain with subdomain NS via Cloudflare with additional Cloudflare workers and such (my other dns provider let it and it broadcasting). Using cloudflare DNS will forbid the use of the pop in my country for most of the ISP so i need to overcome it by separating two DNS services. is it possible to do so in cloudflare without using cname in the business plan?

Hi @dimaou,

Unfortunately, a partial (CNAME) setup is the only way to use Cloudflare solely on a subdomain. You could, however, achieve something similar by just getting a second domain, if paying for the Business plan is not an option.

Thanks @albert for the answer.
Thats was I thought. But thanks for the additional idea of second domain.

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